Cherry Blossom - Sakura Hitomezashi Sampler Kit

Create a stunning sampler of the Cherry Blossom design with coloured sashiko threads.

Kit includes the Cherry Blossom sampler fabric, 2 skeins of sashiko thread (100m pink and 20m yellow), plus sashiko needles.

Hitomezashi - One Stitch Sashiko

Hitomezashi is a form of sashiko stitching which originated in rural Yamagata Prefecture in northern Japan. Hitomezashi patterns are designed on a grid system and stitched with a running stitch, except the intersecting stitches in hitomezashi touch each other whereas they don't in 'ordinary' sashiko.

Patterns in hitomezashi may look complicated, but they are reasonably easy to stitch as all you need to do is mark a grid of squares on your fabric and then you're good to go! Using a simple running stitch, work across the fabric horizontally from one side to the other. Stitch all the horizontal lines first, then repeat for the vertical lines. This will complete many patterns, including the complex-looking 'kakinohana' (persimmon flower) design.

Hitomezashi usually takes more thread than 'ordinary' sashiko but the result is a strong, plump fabric with a complex-looking design.

Our samplers are approximately 33cm x 33cm and include a plain fabric which can either be saved use as a backing, or you can stitch it double-layered, it's up to you. Stitching double-layered gives a nice, bouncy feel to the fabric but is slightly trickier in that you have to hide your starting and finishing knots by 'popping' them through the top layer. Sometimes the back of hitomezashi work looks really interesting in its own right, so this is definitely something worth trying.

Product Description: Dimensions: 33cm x 33cm (13" x 13"); Material: 100% Cotton

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